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Titles are hard and sometimes create too much friction. My goal for this “category” is to have a single topic that becomes my social media feed. Ideally anything that I would tweet about or post on mastadon I would post it here first. Enjoy!


The #code category is a home for all of my blog posts about writing code. Here you will find topics on anything related programming or software development. Press that button if you enjoyed a post or found it helpful and please reply if you’ve got a question or something awesome to say.


Welcome to my CrossFit Journal. CrossFit is very new to me, and I thought I would document my journey along the way.


Documenting my journey. Come along for the ride.


The #blakestagram category is just a fun place for me to post anything I would normally post to Instagram (or maybe even twitter) so that this site isn’t just a boring site about tech topics. You will likely see pictures me (obviously) and my family snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and other fun activities in Idaho or wherever we happen to be traveling!


While I definitely have not always been the healthiest eater, but ever since reading “Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy” in my early high school years and learned about the power of nutrition, healthy eating has always been a passion of mine. I may not have always eaten healthy, but I never could shake in the back of my mind what your body and mind could accomplish if it was actually fueled with nutritious food.