About the nutrition category

While I definitely have not always been the healthiest eater, but ever since reading “Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy” in my early high school years and learned about the power of nutrition, healthy eating has always been a passion of mine. I may not have always eaten healthy, but I never could shake in the back of my mind what your body and mind could accomplish if it was actually fueled with nutritious food.

The #nutrition category on my blog is about my journey trying to actually eat and cook healthy foods so that I can achieve my #crossfit goals as well as keep a sharp mind to accomplish my professional goals writing #code. I also just want to set a good example for my kiddos and stay healthy so that I can always :snowboarder: and :mountain_biking_man: with them.

Cooking currently is not a strength of mine, but apparently “Fit Men Cook”, so it is something I’m working on and want to get better at so that I can enjoy the food I want to eat and hopefully other people will as well.