Class Time!

Due to weird scheduling I couldn’t meet 1-1 to do more introductory training and just attended an actual class, but with lots of coaching! Also the rest of the class I was with was also very helpful.

I did a highly modified of the “Complex Fran” for our WOD.

  • For the bar muscle-ups I used a box. I think muscle ups are so cool, if I could get to the point where I could do them without a box that would be amazing
  • For Chest to bar pull-ups I stood on top of a 10 or 15 pound plate that I would jump off of each time
  • For the pull-ups I did ring rows instead. I feel like this was the hardest exercise!
  • For Thrusters I only used 35 pounds. I used a 15 pound bar with 10 pound plates.

And I finished in 10 min 43 seconds.