CrossFit Journal 2022

Continued from CrossFit Journal 2021.

This seems like a great Karen prep workout. I’ve also discovered (thanks to my great coach) that if I don’t jump on my wall balls I conserve a lot more energy and can actually do 15 un-broken every round.

Tue June 21, 2022



Metcon (Weight)

No Touch Deadlift

For Total Load:
5 Sets of 4

Score: 115, 165, 165, 195, 205


“Dead and Gone” (Time)

For Time:
Deadlifts 225 / 155 lb
200 Meter Run
Dumbbell Push Jerks 50 / 35 lb’s
200 Meter Run

Score: 17:36 (195# barbell, 45# dumbbells)

I felt very slow today. But just moved my body and tried not to overdo it on the deadlifts. I feel like I picked a good weight actually.

Mon June 27, 2022

Overhead Squat

For Total Load:
5 Sets of 4

Score: Worked up to 80lbs.

“Starting Over” (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

15 Overhead Squats 95 / 65 lb
30 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches* 50 / 35 lb
60 Double Unders

*1 Dumbbell (Switch Arms Every 5 Reps)
*Score: Rounds + Reps

Score: 2 + 26 (65lb barbell, 40lb db)


Wed June 29, 2022

Weighted Chin-Up

For Total Load:
5 Sets of 4

score is total weight used ex:10+ 15 + 25 + 35 + 45 = 130

Score: 0 (I just did body weight)

Death By Calorie Row (Calories)

For Total Calories:
Minute 1: 1 Calorie Row
Minute 2: 2 Calorie Row
Minute 3: 3 Calorie Row
Minute 4: 4 Calorie Row

Add 1 Calorie Every Minute.

score = highest calorie count you get to (ie: min 15, min 16, min 17)

Score: 16

This was a fun one! Probably a good rowing workout to practice for a 2k row. Maybe I could have gotten to 17, but I think I would need someone to reset my rower cause I only had a few seconds to spare and was already pretty spent on that last set that I didn’t even attempt 17.

Accessory work

I did 11 GHD sit-ups. My plan is to do a set of these once a week. So that when they are programmed again I can do some of them as part of the workout and not be completely destroyed by them and give myself rhabdo.

I also did some sled pulls for the first time!

80lb bar bell

I’ve missed a few days of logging workouts… I still need to keep working on automating this with but I’ll get there.

My time: 38:06.

I did most of my double under rounds unbroken so I was pretty happy about that. Double unders we’re significantly harder after running vs rowing.