CrossFit Open 22.1

1 year ago was my first Open workout 21.1 which I scaled due to the number of wall walks (and double unders​:wink:). And 21.2 last year I completely blew up my lower back doing 50lb dumbbell snatches for the first time ever :tired_face:. So this year not only RX’ing 22.1 but being able to do wall walks at all and 50lb dumbbell snatches without inflaming​:fire:my lower back is a huge improvement over last year! I was able to complete 6 full rounds for a total of 180 reps. :triumph:

The whole workout sucked and after going out too hot for the first two rounds I was seriously questioning why I even enjoy this crap. Thankfully I had the supportive cheers from the Friday night lights crowd keeping me going and fueling me for each rep as I barely lasted the full 15 minutes. Feels so good to have that one done! :white_check_mark:

Bring on 22.2 :muscle: