Double Under Progress

One of the things that I’ve kind-of been avoiding learning is Double Unders. When I first started doing CrossFit a couple of months ago my knees hurt just from doing all the running, box jumps, jumping up and down from the pull-up bar, that my body wasn’t used to doing since elementary school, so adding in double under practice didn’t go so well. I tried pushing through the discomfort one day as I practiced my DUs, but I could definitely tell something was up with my knees the following day. It wasn’t like my knees were injured, they worked fine, it was just overuse, which I’ve honestly never felt before in my life.

Anyways, my knees are much better now, but I’m still just battling not getting shin splints from jumping so much. Now that I have my new rope, which I’ll talk about more later, I’m starting to focus on my Double Unders on a much more regular basis. Hopefully I can finally master this skill!

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