I signed up for exercism.io a couple of days ago and I’ve completed two of the ruby exercises. Usually I just come up with my own stupid mini applications to work on as I’m trying something new, but it’s nice to have challenging assignments given to me. I’ve been studying something programming related pretty much every single morning for months now and it’s nice that I can add exercism to my regular routine.

I like that once I complete a problem set I can log in and see what other people have done. Which usually points out everything I did wrong. I also like that it is focused on test driven development. Each problem comes with a test file that I run over and over again as I make each little change. It’s also nice to have that test file so that as I go in and refactor my code I know I didn’t break anything in the process.

So if you haven’t signed up for exercism.io I think you should. I don’t think it is only for beginners either. Experts can continue to increase their skills and also provide input to others.