I survived my second day of CrossFit!

I made it through my second day of CrossFit. I learned so many new things!

Today I did my first ever front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, the push jerk, split jerk. I actually found the push jerk to be a lot harder than the split jerk. Also with the split jerk you need to remember to step in with your front foot first.

Then I moved on from the bar bell and attempted my first toes to bar. It was not easy, especially after doing some pull ups, so as an alternate exercise I did knee raises. Oh and I did kettle bell sumo squat high pull. I’ve done lots of kettle bell squats before but never with a high pull.

After learning all those things I did a quick workout for time with 5 rounds of

  • 7 pull up knee raises
  • 7 sumo squat high pulls
  • 7 shoulder presses

Even though I was extremely tired after only a 5 min intense workout I had a lot of fun learning lots of new exercises that I’ve seen people do, but never had attempted before.