It's Okay to Take a Day or Two Off

So, I’ve been consistently going to class Mon-Fri and sometimes Saturday for almost 1 month now and this past Saturday my left wrist just started hurting really bad. I’ve never had wrist pain before and I didn’t hurting it doing anything specific because I don’t remember doing anything and it hurting right after and it was never swollen like a sprained ankle. I guess this is just an overuse pain from not recovering enough between workouts and from attempting too many handstand push-ups, front-squats, and burpees.

I didn’t really do anything for the pain on Saturday. Mostly cause I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling and I was busy most of the day watching my first CrossFit competition and supporting my peeps from CrossFit E3 competing.

Sunday morning my wrist felt even worse, so I went and bought a brace from Walgreens. So that I could still go to the park and walk the dogs and play with the kiddos, but not worry that I was moving my wrist too much. I did ice it a couple of times on Sunday.

It was feeling better by Monday morning, but I decided it would be best to sleep in, rest, and skip working out that day. Twice on Monday I did some contrast hydrotherapy following the steps in this video:

In our master bathroom we have two sinks, so I filled one up with hot water and the other with some ice cold water and alternated 5 minutes in the hot water and 30-60 seconds in the cold water repeated 3 times.

A few hours after I did that my wrist felt noticeably better and right before bed, just in case, I did another contrast hydrotherapy round.

In addition to lots of stretching yesterday, and taking some time off this weekend my wrist was feeling significantly better and I went to workout today and felt pretty good the whole time. I did opt to skip handstand pushups and just did dumbbell presses to avoid aggravating my wrist again.

I just wanted to write this up to remind people to listen to their bodies and that it is okay if you skip a workout every now and then to avoid any long term injuries.