Keeping TinyTodo Alive

I have a very basic todo app called TinyTodo that I built 6 years ago that I still use to this day.

And it looks like the last time I updated it was back in 2021 (It’s now 2023).

I’d like to keep using it, but I really should update it and keep it in an updated state, so that if I want to make a quick improvement I actually can. My goal in all of this though is that I can’t re-write it!

Upgrade Tasks

:white_check_mark: Get it running locally on my m1 macbook pro
:white_check_mark: Switch master branch to main
:stop_button: Move to it’s own domain name (It’s currently on a subdomain of
:stop_button: Move to it’s own digital ocean server with hosted pg database
:stop_button: Upgrade to ruby 3
:stop_button: Upgrade to Rails 7

Post Upgrade Tasks

:stop_button: Make it multi-user. It currently only works for a single user.
:stop_button: Allow users to sign up
:stop_button: Improve css on sign up page
:stop_button: Allow API Access

Besides installing the proper MacOS dependencies, the only “code” change I had to make was adding

gem 'ffi', '>= 1.14.0'

to my Gemfile. This ensures it as the ffi gem version that contains the Apple Silicon fixes.

This guide was mostly update to date:

Once I pushed up the new main branch, you can go to your repo settings in github and click this button and choose “main” from the dropdown.