More CrossFit Training

Today I did some more 1-1 training and we covered these exercises:

I can definitely feel my traps now. Hopefully though this will help build the muscle I need to do pull-ups. Now I just need to keep eating healthy, rest, and go snowboarding.

This is my breakfast after class:

I stumbled upon this article that was written a year ago about CrossFit’s current direction:

“I’m going to just tell you something I don’t think anyone else has picked up on yet, but I’ll tell you exactly who the targets are for the website: it’s the 10-year plus Affiliate,” he shared. “The 10-year old Affiliate is a very special person.”

He went on to share why: The 10-year Affiliate has been through nearly a dozen years of life while owning a gym. They have sent off kids to school; they might have buried a grandparent. And amidst all of that, they have probably seen someone lose 100 pounds, or have their diabetes reversed. “They know the most important thing that happens in the gym is happening in the space of prevention, is happening in the space of relationships that are formed,” said Glassman. “It’s all on the health front, lubricated wonderfully by a crazy social interaction.”

While I think the games are pretty darn cool I thought it was neat to see the CrossFit founder talk about how important the individual box’s are. I love the box that I have been going to this past week and all the people that go there. It has been a great experience so far and very healthy for me not to just workout, but to be a part of something.