My workspace

A lot of my posts have been about CrossFit or snowboarding, but I thought I’d mix it up a bit and share where I actually spend the majority of my time during the week. This is my home office where I work remotely as a software developer for Discourse. One thing that I love about programming is the joy you get from solving a difficult problem like fixing a bug that no one is really sure why it is happening. I like diving deep into the code to truly understand how things work. I enjoy getting lost in my work where I don’t even realize I’ve been listening to the same song on repeat because you are so focused on something.

What I love about my office is actually what is behind me while I work. I built this feature wall so that I don’t have a boring white wall behind me on video calls. I’m very appreciative of having a dedicated room for my office, not only for calls but also that it is away from the front of the house so that the dogs can hang out with me and not bark at every single thing that passes by.