Prioritizing Code Review

Today while taking the puppies on a walk I listened to the latest episode of The Bike Shed podcast and one of the things they talked about was that teams should prioritize code reviews at 23:39.

I really liked the idea they brought up from Derek Prior’s conference talk that a PR is the work that is closest to being done, so we as a team should all rally around it.

I personally need to be a bit better about taking time out of my day to review other teammates code and not just keep my head down plugging away on my own code. It’s good to have focus, but maybe at certain times of day like right after lunch I could take the time and help review some open PRs.

One thing we have been doing at Discourse though is we created a “Code Review” channel in mattermost that we can post in whenever we need a review. I think this has been helpful in making code review more of a team effort and has helped spread the load so it doesn’t just fall on a single person.