Road to Prescribed - Fortitude

Since I’m new to CrossFit my overall goal right now is to eventually be able to do the workouts as prescribed. I know it will take time, but I hope that by documenting my progress it will help others who are also beginning their CrossFit journey.

I’m still trying to figure out my 1 rep max’s for various things, but I think it’s good just to slowly push myself each class and see what my limits are. Today for example for my front squat I did 1 x 12 @ 75 lbs which is up 20 lbs from 2/14/2020 when I only did 55 lbs. Also today for my 1 rep at 90% I did 125 lbs with still some room in the tank so I know next time my 1 rep max is probably 135 - 145 ish.

Well front squats were fun, but then we started “Fortitude” :dizzy_face:! What did I get myself into!?!?

Alternating On the Minute x 30 (15 Rounds):
Even Minutes: 15/12 Calorie Row
Odd Minutes: 15 Burpees

So, I didn’t realize how to pace myself or really understand the workout completely and I was trying to do the 15 as prescribed for the Row and the Burpees, but then you just get behind and behind if you don’t complete them within 50 seconds, so once my coach realized what an idiot I was being and explained to mje that I just need to cut my losses at the 50 second mark I realized that 10 was a good pace for me. Which means every minute I would do a 10 Calorie Row with enough time to take a break for several seconds and transition out of the rower and then start my 10 Burpees on the next minute mark. And now that I know 10 is a good pace for me, next time I do Fortitude I can attempt for a pace of 11. I calculated my score today at a 20 since you add up the lowest pace from the row and the lowest pace from the Burpees 10 + 10 = 20.

After stretching and recovering from Fortitude I attempted how many pull-ups I could get unbroken. I got 4! Day 1 of crossfit I could only do 2, so a huge improvement for me.

Also just to establish a baseline in writing of where my strength is, at home today I tried to do handstand pushups as prescribed and I can’t even do one. If I put my head all the way down to the ground I cannot push my way back up, so that is one area I’m going to try and improve.

I found this video with some very useful tips on how to do a handstand push up that I’ll be following: