We on level 10, that's where very few take it

Hey Siri play next track…

Feel it comin’ build the anticipation
I’m charged up they say I’m ready for greatness
If you think different listen you must be mistaken
We on level 10, that’s where very few take it
The wait is over, we’re too impatient
A change on the way, gotta embrace it
Drop the biz and the location
The direction could change but winnings the destination
Now look around this is what they call greatness
Now start it up
Push it to the limit I can nevеr get enough

Ran 15.5 miles this morning! First 11 miles felt great and thought I could go on forever then it caught up with me and the last 4 miles just felt like I was dragging heavy painful legs of jello around. That’s when you just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other though, dig deep, get lost in the music, and keep moving forward.